Rovers Summer Round Up

Peafowl Chicks

Members might have recently noticed the fenced enclosure in our back car park area, and we are now delighted to announce the safe arrival of four peafowl chicks. Due to recent works being carried out in their normal nesting area in Marlay park, one of the park peahens decided that TRR would be a better place for her to lay her four eggs.

What followed was a joint effort between staff in Marlay Park and TRR to keep mother and eggs safe until hatched, and we are thrilled to now report the success of this cooperation within the local community.

Mother and babies are now safely back in the care of staff in Marlay Park, where they will be restricted until the chicks are strong enough to fly.  Our hope is that all four will do well, and perhaps they will return to their birthplace and fly in to visit in the future. We are proud to play our part in protecting biodiversity in the area. 

Tractor Repairs

Our tractor was found to be unsafe to use without having the cab section replaced. Organising the necessary repairs involved loading the tractor onto a large truck and driving it to county Laois where it has to remain for two weeks before being loaded and returned to us. This is a bigger operation than it sounds, and we would have been unable to do this without the support of Shane Kearns of CrossCut tree care specialists, who has been very generous in using his own truck and equipment to personally transport the tractor to the repair centre and to collect it when it is ready. This has saved TRR a significant amount, and we are very grateful for his kindness. 

Sponsorship Updates

Our ongoing main club sponsor, Brewin Dolphin, is now RBC Brewin Dolphin, and their new signage has now been erected in the club. Robert Tilson and Peter McConnell, who are both longstanding members of TRR HC, will be happy to help with any investment management queries. 

We are happy to welcome a new club partner sponsor, Wilson’s Hospital School . Further details can be found on the school website, or in their advertisement below. Our contact with the school is Jenny McCormack, who will be remembered from her days of playing hockey in Dublin, and we are very grateful  to be the club of choice that benefits from Wilson’s Hospital support.  You will notice their new pitch boards in the club. 

AIB have also recently renewed their club sponsorship agreement, many thanks to Cathal O’Connor, Jonathan Carney, and Tanya Twomey in AIB for their ongoing support.

Gus Nichols has also kindly renewed sponsorship, the new Fanagans Funeral Directors pitch boards are in place. Thanks Gus for your continued loyalty to TRR. 

The support of our sponsors is a vital part of our club, and if you can be a sponsor, or know of a new sponsorship opportunity, please email Bernie at and she will put you in touch with the relevant person. 

Sponsorship Opportunities

Hockey in Ireland has a significant and growing footprint – with industry experts ONSIDE estimating 1 in 10 adults having some interest in the sport – and c.100k+ adults are interested in becoming more involved in Hockey today.

TRRHC is uniquely placed with its own facilities and diverse membership categories to support local and national businesses in increasing their brand awareness through sponsorship packages. Sponsorship from local and national companies goes a long way to support the club’s development and progress, and we hugely value the support we have received from our main sponsor Tilman Brewin Dolphin, along with all our many pitch side advertisers.

If you know of a company that wishes to increase its visibility and support local sport through sponsorship, we have packages available to explore with you. Please get in touch with us directly and we can discuss options with you

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