Junior Section

Welcome to Three Rock Rovers Youths section!

TRRHC Youths section has now risen to 500 members with 158 Boys and 342 girls training every weekend from the end of August to the end of March.  The Youths section also comprises 151 Covid Supervisors, 15 Covid coordinators , 39 coaches covering 46 coaching slots and 22 Team Liaisons.

Find out more about the Junior Boys & Girls sections below

Each weekend we coach over 16 hours of  hockey for Youths members aged from 5 years old up to 16. 

Goalkeeping is an important part of our youth training program and we provide dedicated Goalkeeping sessions and have invested in providing excellent coaching and kit for our Junior goalkeepers.

We also have a thriving social community, with even through this season still, managing to organise charity fundraisers, quizzes, dancing, Superstars competitions, chocolate, local businesses talks.

In the season 2020-2021 14 of our Youths members achieved Leinster representation which included two goalkeepers, while 3 of our Youths members achieved Ireland representation, congratulations to:

Ireland – Rex, Conor and Ben
Ireland Training Panel -Alex 

Leinster Girls- Hannagh (GK), Rebecca,
Leinster Boys-  Louis (GK) Rex, Conor, Ben, Andrew, Luke, Hugo, Josh,  Sam, Peter, Ben and Tom.

As a section we are also supporting the club and the 20×20 campaign by pledging to;

  • increase the presence of our girls and ladies teams on our social media
  • strengthen the relationship between our girls and ladies teams
  • celebrate our female members with photos, videos, match reports and player profiles

We have a welcoming and hard working Junior section who succeed at creating an environment for all youths to excel physically, mentally and socially. We do this by working with all our partners to create the best possible environment for our junior  members.

Some of the partners who we have worked with include;