Cocktail Party,Rovers Representing & More!

Cocktail Party

Leinster Boys Representation

Portrane HC is the place to be this weekend when the Leinster U16, U18 Boys and U21 Men play Ulster in their opening match of the Interprovincial series. Congratulations to all Rovers Representing this weekend!

U16s – Sam Rothwell. Rory Jones, Tom Squires,

U18s – Josh Gill, Peter Montgomery, Oscar Pasley, Andrew Crowe, Ben Pasley (C), Sam Maxwell, Philip Cole, Zach Silverman, Alex Lynch & Angus Dunlop as Coach.

U21s – Ben Whelan, Conor Walsh, Rex Dunlop, Ben Ryder

Good luck to All!

Fixtures October 8th

M1 vs YMCA , Grange Road @13:00

M2 – No game

M3 –  No game

M4 – No game

M5 – No game

L1 v Avoca, Grange Road @13:00

L2 v Pembroke, Grange Road @15:00

L3 v Tullamore, Grange Road @15:00


The subs are an invaluable source of income for the club, they help to pay coaches, maintain the clubhouse, keep the lights on, both on and off the pitch, and supply the equipment you, the members use.


Hockey Ireland

Reaction Time Testing

My name is Teresa and I am a researcher at the UCD Institute for Sport and Health.

My research aims to investigate reaction times in high-level athletes of different sports using a reaction time board (BATAK Pro). 

It is a fun and easy, but effective way to assess the current level of reaction skills in athletes. 

For this study, I am looking for male and female participants that are:
– training and competing at a high-level (national or international)
– 18 to 30 years old,
– healthy, free of injury
– regularly competing (for at least 5 years) in one of the following sports:

Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Olympic Handball, Volleyball, Hockey, Boxing, Karate, Swimming, Running, Sprinting or Cycling (other sports can also be considered, please get in touch if you need additional info).

The reaction time testing is completely free of charge for this research.
See the attached poster for more details and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! 
Contact me if you are interested ( and we can arrange the testing session in the UCD lab as soon as possible!

Many thanks,
Teresa Baumann, B.Sc



Institute for Sport and Health – University College Dublin
Newstead Building C
Dublin, Ireland


South Dublin County Council have installed free public WiFi in the club as part of an EU initiative. It will appear as WiFi4EU and there is no need for a password or pin. Logging in will give you access to 30min of free WiFi, and if disconnected you can immediately log in again.

The access points are on the front and the back of the video tower, so once you are in line of sight of the white boxes it should be possible to use the facility.

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