Rovers Round Up 29th September 2022

Recent Passings

It is with great sadness that the club learned of the passing the following people.

Ken Haughton – Former Rovers player, member of the 1953/54 team that won everything. Father of David and Grandfather to Alistair, current member of the Men’s 1s.

Sandra Brooks – Wife of Geoff Brooks who is the Trustee for Three Rock Rovers Hockey Club and mother of Stephen, Claire and Wendy.

The club extend our sympathies to Solo, a long standing member, on the passing of her mother this week back home in Malaysia.

The club wishes to pass to on our sincere condolences to all their families and friends at this sad time.

Fixtures October 1st

M1 vs Glenanne , Grange Road, Front Pitch @13:00

M2 vs Railway, Park Avenue @13:00

M3 – no game

M4 vs Weston Grange Road, Front Pitch @15:00

M5 vs Weston Grange Road, Back Pitch @11:00

L1 v Trinity, Santry Sports Grounds @13:00

L2 v Monkstown, St Joseph’s Cluny @12:30

L3 v Kilkenny, Grange Road @11:00

Results September 24th

M1 W 3-2 v Pembroke ( Matthew Romoli, Jody Hosking & Peter Lynch)

L1 W 1-0 v North Kildare (Lucy Kelly) See Photos below

L2 W 5-0 (Karen Davis, Orlagh Giersch, Trish Friend Pereira & Kate Byrne x2)

L3 L 0-6 v Corinthians


The subs are an invaluable source of income for the club, they help to pay coaches, maintain the clubhouse, keep the lights on, both on and off the pitch, and supply the equipment you, the members use.

They are now due and you can pay the amounts due below. Both the clubforce and Hockey Ireland fees, bpth of which can be accessed below.


Hockey Ireland


South Dublin County Council have installed free public WiFi in the club as part of an EU initiative. It will appear as WiFi4EU and there is no need for a password or pin. Logging in will give you access to 30min of free WiFi, and if disconnected you can immediately log in again.

The access points are on the front and the back of the video tower, so once you are in line of sight of the white boxes it should be possible to use the facility.


Our clubhouse cleaner, Samar Abourass, is available for additional work. Samar moved to Ireland from Spain, and references can be obtained by calling Bernie, Club Manager,  on 087 6575297. Samar can be contacted by WhatsApp or email, , 085 2624589

Welcome to the 2022/2023 season!

Welcome to the 2022/2023 season!

Welcome to the new season of hockey here at Grange Road! We have lots to look forward to with the Ladies Ones in their first season, in a few years, in Division One, the Men’s 1 in the EYHL, 34 Juniors involved with Leinster this season and over the past summer just gone!

We will be supporting all our players and teams on the recently opened Balcony! We look forward to welcoming all our members, sponsors, supporters, opposition to Grange Road over the coming weeks and months.

If you know anyone who wants to be part of Rovers Roar, on or off the pithc contact the club as we always welcome new members!

2022/2023 Subscriptions

All Senior subs and any Junior subs, not already paid, are now due. Please pay at the link HERE.

The subs are an invalubale source of income for the club, they help to pay coaches, maintain the clubhouse, keep the lights on, both on and off the pitch, and supply the equipment you, the members use.

You will also need to pay the Hockey Ireland membership, at the link below, otherwise you will not be paid.

If you have nay questions please do not hesitate to contact the club.

RIP CG Walker

It is with great sadness we note the passing of CG Walker, a stalwart TRR member, Garry aged 94 died 7 September 2022. Our condolences to all his family and friends at this time. 

Fixtures Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th

This Saturday sees the Ladies Ones make their long awaited bow and return to Leinster Ladies Division One on Saturday as they welcome Naas to Grange Road at 1pm! Good luck to Barbara, David, Stephen and the whole squad on Saturday and the comign season!

Following the Ladies Ones match is the Men’s 1s match against Instonians in the EYHL Round One at 3.30pm! It will be a big weekend at the club as we tip off the 22/23 season!

On Sunday the Men’s Neville Cup squad make the short trip to High School to play Rathgar at 1.30pm in Round One of the Neville Cup.


Our new balcony was officially opened on Saturday 10th September, following a day of glorious weather during which our junior boys trained, our senior teams played friendly matches, and our U16s played a blitz with the Rockets. The events of the day were followed by a BBQ and drinks.

Kara Browning, TRR HC President, in her opening speech thanked the many members who made financial donations without which the project would have been impossible to complete, and in particular, Ray Tilson and the Haughton family who had been particularly generous with their support. Kara also thanked David Nolan Engineering (the contractors who exceeded our expectations in delivering a project that proved challenging at times), Keith Wallace (who assisted the contractors and who made the concrete steps and bases), Derek Squire (club member and past captain who gave his time and professional expertise during the project), Bernie Keogh (club manager) for her help, and Aidan Egan (Structural Engineer). Kara also took the opportunity of thanking all volunteers, their support is a vital part of the operation of the club and without this support nothing could take place. 

The cutting of the ribbon to officially mark the opening was carried out by Geoff Brooks, TRR HC Trustee, who played a key role in the installation of the original wooden balcony. Geoff in turn thanked Kara for the huge amount of work that she does for the club in her role as TRR HC President, and for delivering the balcony project, which Geoff said was vital in providing a direct path to the bar !!!.

It was great to see so many past and current club officials, pavilion members, playing members, and youth members and their families, all enjoying the event.  The celebrations extended late into the evening, and a good day was had by all.


South Dublin County Council have installed free public WiFi in the club as part of an EU initiative. It will appear as WiFi4EU and there is no need for a password or pin. Logging in will give you access to 30min of free WiFi, and if disconnected you can immediately log in again.

The access points are on the front and the back of the video tower, so once you are in line of sight of the white boxes it should be possible to use the facility.


Our clubhouse cleaner, Samar Abourass, is available for additional work. Samar moved to Ireland from Spain, and references can be obtained by calling Bernie, Club Manager,  on 087 6575297. Samar can be contacted by WhatsApp or email, , 085 2624589

Reaction Time Testing – Research UCD

My name is Teresa and I am a researcher at the UCD Institute for Sport and Health.

My research aims to investigate reaction times in high-level athletes of different sports using a reaction time board (BATAK Pro). 

It is a fun and easy, but effective way to assess the current level of reaction skills in athletes. 

For this study, I am looking for male and female participants that are:
– training and competing at a high-level (national or international)
– 18 to 30 years old,
– healthy, free of injury
– regularly competing (for at least 5 years) in one of the following sports:

Tennis, Table Tennis, Badminton, Olympic Handball, Volleyball, Hockey, Boxing, Karate, Swimming, Running, Sprinting or Cycling (other sports can also be considered, please get in touch if you need additional info).

The reaction time testing is completely free of charge for this research.
See the attached poster for more details and if you have any questions, please feel free to ask! 
Contact me if you are interested ( and we can arrange the testing session in the UCD lab as soon as possible!

Many thanks,
Teresa Baumann, B.Sc



Institute for Sport and Health – University College Dublin
Newstead Building C
Dublin, Ireland

Bar Survey & Welcome to the 22/23 season!

Welcome to the 2022/23 season

We would like to welcome all our members, old and new, sponsors and supporters to the new 2022/23 season here at Three Rock Rovers Hockey Club! We look forward to seeing everyone back at Grange Road over the coming weeks and months as we see the return of our Ladies Firsts to the top table, the Men’s firsts in the EYHL and our Junior section continues to compete across the board at the highest level in Leinster and Ireland!

We must congratulate all our Rovers, current and aborad, who have represented themselves, the club, Leinster and Ireland over the summer.

Whether that was with the Irish Masters, Leinster U16, U18 or U21 or Ireland U16, U18 or U21, here in Ireland, England, or Holland each and every plyer has represented with aplomb! A particular shout out to Peter Blakeney who was a part of the Irish O35s side that claimed Bronze at the Masters World Cup!

Congratulations to all, after such a prolific summer of representing with Ireland at all age grades we were delighted to see that 34 members from our Juniors have been selected for Leinster ahead of the 2022/23 season! You can see the full list here: Leinster Age Grade Squads.

Within that selection we are delighted to see for the first time, in a few seasons, the inclusion of multiple Girls across all grades! A massive congratulations to all the girls on their hardwork to date and the support provided by their families, friends and coaches over the years!

We look forward to welcoming everyone to Grange Road, the home of Leinster Hockey, Three Rock hockey, hockey for all and all ages!

Bar Survey

At the end of last season a survey was sent to senior club members regarding the use of the bar and how best to manage this in the year ahead. We had 75 responses to this survey (58 men, 17 women, 2 non-playing members). Last season, 69% of those who responded had used the bar, and of those who didnt it not being open was listed as the main reason for it not being used (53.6%).

Overwhelmingly, 98.7% of respondents said that they wanted the bar to remain open. However, close to 3/4 of respondents are aware that the bar is not profitable without the support of volunteers in the club and 90% are in support of using volunteers in order to keep it open if the alternative was that the bar would have to close.

Based on these responses the committee and council will plan for the year ahead on the basis that the bar is to remain open with volunteer support from members required to ensure that this happens. A number of options are proposed for this with a focus on the following:
1) usual weekend activities
2) external events

1) Usual weekend activities
Last year we trialled the option of bar captains where each team had an bar captains responsible for requesting the bar be opened for teams. To allow appropriate time to manage opening procedures, order stock, set up and clean the clubhouse, bar captains had to contact the club manager to arrange procedures.

Half of respondents felt this was a good system to try again for the year ahead with another 38% feeling that a weekly rota per team may be the best option.

Given that there was a lack of awareness of the bar captain system we have decided to run it again for the year ahead, but are promoting it immediately as the main method of opening the bar. We would also like to run monthly events with teams assigned to a month in order to run the bar and increase the regular hours.

To ensure its success, we will be offering bar training for team members to help with this. Training will be run during our first social event of the season on September 10th with more details to follow.

2) External events
External events such as Cup Finals and Vets Fest are how the bar remains operational. Given the positive response regarding volunteering for these events in order to keep the bar open, we will be trailing a system this year where each senior team is assigned an event to cover and manage. These slots will be supported by the club manager to help those behind the bar.

We will outline this rota to team captains during the season and look forward to the first season in three years where we hopefully be able to operate the bar with more regular hours and events!

Official Balcony opening

Thanks to the hard work of many people over the past couple of years we are now in a position to say that the clubouse balcony has been repalced over the summer and will be open for the 2022/23 season!

You’ll have heard we’re having an official opening ceremony of the new balcony on the evening of Saturday 10th of September 2022!

The day will consist of selection matches, opening balcony ceremony along with a BBQ, the club house will also be open for the evening.

We would like to ask you to fill out this form if attending. We are very excited to celebrate the official opening of the new balcony and hope to see everyone there!…/1FAIpQLScITHDNrgXG88…/viewform

Well Done Ali!

Massive shout out to our very own Alison Keogh, our third team superstar and Rover who is representing on the biggest of stages these days!

She earned her 100TH CAP over the weekend during the International Hockey Federation (FIH) Pro League match between England and Germany as well as becoming the FIRST female umpire to officiate two pro league matches in the one day!

She earned her golden whistle with her 100th cap and is constantly showing that hard work and dedication can get you absolutely anywhere! Everyone at the club could not be prouder of her and look forward to further exploits over the summer and years to come.

Vets Festival 2022

Yes, you read that right, Vets Fest returned this year after a very long hiatus!
Words kindly provided by Bernie Keogh

After a covid-induced break of three years, the annual Vets Fest was held again in TRR over the June bank holiday weekend. This festival raises much needed income for the club each year it is held, and is a successful key event in the club social calendar. Initial plans for the event had been made and progressed by Naomi Heritage, and when Naomi had to step down Janet Jolley very kindly stepped in to make sure that the event could go ahead. Natalie Rule, with her vast experience of previous vets fest organising, offered her help and with the added support and assistance of long-standing dedicated TRR volunteers Orla McKeown, Bruce Johnson, WIlliam Haughton and Cedric Christie in their various roles, the event was a great success.

Umpires played a key part, and we were very grateful to Nick West, Jess Rule, Guy and Gillian Garrett, Doug Murray and Dorothy Kennedy for volunteering their services. The bar was staffed by Kara (TRR President) and her family (Gary, Zoe, and Jack) plus Shane O’Brien’s brother Ronan (who we hope to have helping us for future bar functions) and Don Gray (who kindly stepped in at short notice)..

Huge thanks to Simon Walker, who sponsored burgers for the Friday night BBQ, and to Peter Hinds who purchased and donated a number of large bar jugs for the event while the balcony was out of use. Thanks also to Joe Ryan (Boss Tills), who as usual has been a bighelp to the club by donating the use of a second bar till for the duration of vets fest. It involved two callouts, and some temporary changes to the set up, so we really appreciate this kindness and support from Joe. Thanks also to Diageo, for providing plastic glasses, uniforms, trays, and sanistiser, and also to Fergal Funge of Bulmers Ireland who donated two boxes of plastic glasses.

Cian Mooney and his staff provided catering for the festival for the first time, and provided an efficient and quality food service with very positive feedback. Cian is our regular club caterer, and can cater for private functions and events. The tournament meal on Saturday night was held in Taylors Three Rock, and we are also grateful to them for providing a lovely meal and an efficient service that allowed the teams to return to TRR HQ promptly for music and drinks afterwards.

As can be seen, it takes a lot of organising and an army of workers (many of whom do so on a voluntary basis) to run a successful international fundraiser such as this that brings much needed revenue into the club. We are very grateful for the work and generosity of those mentioned above, and to the others who helped in the background and whose names might have inadvertently been left out of this report.

Junior Girl Administrator wanted

TRRHC is seeking an administrator for the girls teams within the Junior side of our club.

The girls administrator, in partnership with our Junior Director of Coaching and the boys administrator, to ensure the smooth running of our 400+ strong Junior Section. The role includes, but is not limited to, the following tasks and activities:

Draft and send weekly communications to coaches and team liaisons, including sending the weekly schedule of coaches to the above.

Support the work of team liaisons in arranging teams for matches

Act as the link between Leinster Hockey and the club for junior girls matters

Act as the club match liaison person for visiting girls teams

Liaise with the Club Manager, as necessary and in a timely manner, when organising home fixtures and if same are subsequently cancelled.

Have a working coach list which identifies qualifications – update coaches list as and when required to ensure that every parent, child and member knows who is doing which team and who to contact

Work with the Coaching Director to ensure that all coaches have the necessary coaching qualifications/courses have been completed.

This is a part time role which comes with a modest remuneration package.

To apply for the role please contact Louise at by Thursday June 30th

21/22 season reports

Men’s Captains Reports

Mens 1s – TRR Season Debrief

Looking back, I was attempting to classify the TRR Mens 1s season as either a success or not a success and this can’t simply be done without looking at the full picture and the ‘situation’ we found ourselves in last August – arriving up to training in August and the realisation of the player exodus we faced. This left us with 9 outfield players following the significant player exodus we faced as a result of covid / travel / work commitments and old age.

Once again the infamous ‘in transition’ term was thrown about which if you are not aware loosely translated to ‘we are royally fu**ed’ and some less optimistic members of the team / coaching staff mentioned staying in the division would be a massive success!

Over the coming weeks, a driven, hardworking, untested young team, with a couple of old yet familiar faces, was assembled. We welcomed back with open arms and a loving embrace and tearful eyes players who had left for UCD including Ben Whelan, Evan Jennings, Mark Samuel, Ali Empey. We also welcomed two new additions, namely Ryan Spencer and Matteo Rommoli, who contributed greatly. Some older faces were also welcomed back into the squad who added the experience which is invaluable to every young team.

In October, having played one game as a group we headed off to the EHL in Belgium – results didn’t go our way but the experience was invaluable. Come the Christmas break we would find ourselves top of the league following a very impressive first half of the season. After the Christmas break, we would go on to win back both the Leinster and Irish Indoor titles battling against, and coming out on top, our bitter indoor rivals ‘the Railway Union’ in both finals.

Winning back the national title will mean we will once again represent Three Rock in Europe next season in a very strong B division. We would also go on to retain the Mills Cup which is a cup we take great pride in being so successful in over the last few years.

Unfortunately, despite a very strong fish to our league campaign which included a number a late wins / comeback in games (none more so then the 2-1 down with 4 mins to go in the last game of the season away to monkstown – 3-2 comeback win) we would go on to ‘not win’ to league, and I deliberately don’t use the term ‘lose the league’ on goal difference to Lisnagarvey. Despite losing in a semi final shoot out to Banbridge in the play-offs when looking at the season as a whole I’m filled with pride with how this young team exceeded all expectations (however maybe not our own) and I expect big things from this group of players over the next few years.

Thanks, Ross ‘the Revolving’ Captain

Mens 2s – 21/22 season review

The Mens 2XI had a mixed season with a 2nd place finish in the Leinster Div 1B (highlighted with the continuation of the teams unbeaten home record in Leinster league that dates back to 2013), an early exit in the Junior Cup while retaining the Railway Cup for the 4 time in 5 years!

A mention should go out to our school boys who really kicked on this season and dragged the oldies on with them.A big thank you to Scott Williams for all he does on a weekly basis for arranging the fixtures and everyone from Mens/Ladies Captains and President for everything they have done in our first full season back post COVID.

One request for the 2XI, would be to see if a coach can be sourced for our Thursday session and our weekend fixture.


Mens 3s – 21/22 season review

The 3rds had a good but inconsistent season. Going into the year with a mix of experienced and young players, we had hopes to yet again challenge for the Div 2 title and put up a strong showing the Railway Cup. In the league, we ultimately finished off the pace of YMCA and Pembroke who were the 2 best teams in the league, but with some very strong performances especially towards the end of the season.

Our final match of the season, in particular, up against a very strong Monkstown team in Rathdown showed the potential of the team and gives us a lot of optimism for next season with a full year of Men’s hockey now under the belts of our younger squad members.

We also had a really strong showing in the Railway Cup, even if the result doesn’t back this up. We drew Avoca 2s in Round 2 of the cup – an Avoca 2s team who finished 4th in Div 1B, and matched them in all departments, eventually drawing 0-0 and going to 1v1s. This lottery didn’t go our way in the end, however the full match was another demonstration of the potential of this squad.

Looking ahead to next season, with a consistent squad and playing numbers, we should be in a position to close the gap to the top 2 in our league and put together a strong challenge again.

Finally, I would like to say thank you to every member of the squad from this last season including those who helped out from other teams, as well as everyone who volunteered to umpire during the course of the season. I look forward to next season and seeing everybody there again.

Mens 4s – 21/22 season review

Slow starters, whether down to the average age of the 4s increasing or due to the covid break, the 4s continued their consistent slow starts this year.

After a drubbing on the opening day of the season and a few shakey results the team began to settle with an experienced core namely the two Robs, Findo, and Roly, not forgetting a few south African blow ins in their debut season in Roger and Vaughn. Another debutant was Harry who fitted in like he has played a the the club for years already.

Having set aside their penchant for draws in previous seasons, the fours became a challenger in a competitive league. The youngsters on the team, notably Theo, Hugh, Adam, Dylan and Cillian, established themselves as key players and each had pivotal parts to play throughout the season. A special mention must be said regarding the great maturity each of them had throughout the year adapting to the rough physical division and rotating fairly through substitutions.

Thanks also to the various goalkeepers we had throughout the season. From some of the shifts they put in, it’s fair to say they all have very promising careers ahead of them at the top of the game.After a disappointing early exit in the cup, the team kept strong and most notably handed the eventual league winners their only defeat of the season. A joint third finish is what we ended up with ten wins from 18. A great finish to the season as the highest ranked 4ths side in Leinster.

Finally, it’s farewell to Greg who has been a stalwart for the fours for some years now as he returns to old blighty. He will be missed for his constant poaching and cricket references and we wish him all the best. Although he says he might be available the odd Saturday…

Until next year Andy & Mark

Mens 5s – 21/22 season

A summary. It was a season of two halfs for the 5ths. The first half was tough. With al ot of hard losses. Second half the team held its own with a couple of good results.A massive shout out should be given to the juniors who played this season.

Without their support the team would not have existed. It was great to see so many great players coming up from the colts.

I would like to thank all the players for coming out to play this season. It’s good to know the in coming captain is a man of the 5ths.


Ladies Captains

Ladies 1s

Ladies 1s competed in the newly formed Womens Challenge A league. This was our second season under the guidance of Dave McGivern and Stephen O’Keeffe. The squad has a large number of juniors that have come through the junior section of the club mixed in with a few ‘experienced’ players. Leaving it until the last day of the season, we travelled down to league winners Kilkenny needing at least a point to secure promotion. Defending at least 17(!) defensive short corners, we managed a 0-0 draw and finally reclaim Division 1 status after many years of trying.

This squad has a lot of potential, with several players included in the Leinster panels:Anna Hoey (Leinster U16s), Sarah Flynn (Leinster U18s), Emma Montgomery (Leinster U18s) and Indie O’Donohoe (Leinster U18s).

A special mention to all of the parents for their support on and off the pitch this year. We look forward to next season with the challenge of playing Division 1 hockey and to watching this young side develop even further.

Thanks to Dave and Stephen as coaches and Barbara Snow as captain.

Ladies 2s

The ladies 2s this year struggled to find a coach and so begun their pre-season campaign quite late which hampered their progress for the start of the season.

However, Ed Simpson kindly stepped in to ensure that the team was covered and what was meant to be a short, six week stint lasted for the rest of the season as once he got involved his enthusiasm and loyalty to the club kept him there for the year.The team struggled to find a rhythm though and unfortunately finished the season in 9th place.

In truth though this doesn’t reflect the progress made after Christmas as the team turned things around and won all 10 of their points for the season in this period. This was driven by the team and by the support provided to them by players across all squads in the club making it a true club effort to try and keep them in Division 4.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be though and they will return next season looking to bounce back immediately.Thank you to Louise Callan and Louise for their work as captains and Ed for this work as coach.

Ladies 3s

Life is never easy when you’re the lowest registered team as invariably all the issues around availability and player numbers falls onto this team to manage. This was no different for the 3s this year.

Pre covid we looked to be gaining a 4th ladies team, however numbers dropped again and so the 3s struggled at times to juggle their squads with lots of changes week to week. This was probably reflected in their results as unfortunately they finished 10th in the league.

However, they welcomed lots of new players into the club, many of whom were returning to hockey after a number of years away. Next year we hope to utilise the changes to Leinster rules to integrate the u16s into this squad more.

Huge thanks to Avril Haughton as coach and Eleanor as captain.

TRR Juniors 2021/22

There were 421 Junior Members (132 Boys, 289 Girls)

This season saw the much anticipated return of blitzes, league matches and indoor hockey for our junior members.

6 Boys teams entered in Leinster Leagues & 13 Girls teams entered in Leinster Leagues. Including for the first time an U18 Girls League team, which was a good opportunity for social competitive hockey for girls who were not ready to move on to Ladies hockey.

We hosted a level 1 course in October 22 with a number of our coaches completing their Level 1, 24 Transition Year coaches as part of their Gaisce Certificate, including 4 who coached on a Tuesday evening with The Rockets.

As part of the Gaisce program we ran a coaches training session with our Mens and Ladies 1st Coaches as well as an umpiring session with Alison Keogh.

A number of out TY students attended an end of season blitz with the Rockets. It was a fantastic evening and we hope to run something similar again next season.

A review of the season was carried out with a number of parents after Christmas with a number of recommendations and suggestions made for next season.

AGM, Leinster U21s & end of season 21/22


TRRHC members were emailed on the 4th of May about the club’s upcoming AGM on the 26th of May. In the email there was the Agenda, Motions, and Minutes of the previous AGM attached. If you have any queries or questions please contact Luke at

It would great to see as many members at the meeting and help create and be part of Rovers Roar ahead of the 2022/23 season! There are plenty of big ticket items on the cards, none bigger than the balcony.

So we hope to see as members at the AGM on the 26th at 7.30pm in the Clubhouse!

Leinster Under 21s

Well done to current Rovers, Ben Whelan, Evan Jennings, Ryan Spencer & Ben Ryder, on their selection and participation with the Leinster Under 21s Men’s squad that travelled to UCC to tackle Munster in the final round robin of their Inter Pro series! A shout out to the all our former Rovers currently plying their trade, too many to mention, on their selection as well!

End of 21/22 season Captain’s Challenge

Thank you to Peter, Mariano and Steph who successfully organised and ran what was by all accounts great evening of social hockey, the end of season Captain’s Challenge & BBQ, last Friday! It was a great evening to round out the 2021/2022 season!

Well Done Ali, EHL & EYHL

A huge congratulations to our very own third team super star, Alison Keogh, who over the past few weeks has travelled to 3 different countries, umpired countless games and was selected for not just one but two finals!

Ali took in a FIH Pro League match or two in Germany before jetting off to Junior World Cup in South Africa, where after a terrific tournament she was selected to umpire the final between The Netherlands and Germany!

On her way back from South Africa she stopped off in Amsterdam to take her place as a member of the third team at the EHL tournament! Where after another strong tournament she was chosen, alongisde Lauren Delforge, to umpire the Women’s Grand Final, where she got plenty of cmpliments for managing a qualify final very well alongside her Belgian counterpart.

All at Grange Road could not be prouder of Ali’s achievements, not just over the past number of weeks, but over the years as her hard work is paying dividends now! We look forward to seeing her at HQ soon, regaling all with her stories and expereinces from the past number of weeks!

Congratulations again and enjoy, hopefully, some well deserved down time!

Rovers Representing

Continueing the theme of Rovers Representing with aplomb, congratuations to all our Rovers who were a part of the Irish Under 21s, 18s and 16s over the past couple of weeks, from Zwolle to Lilleshall!

Congratulations to all our Rovers and to their teams!

EYHL Champions Trophy

This weekend the Men’s 1s focus turns back to a more local feel as they prepare to face Banbridge on Saturday at 5pm, in Havelock Park, in the Hockey Ireland EYHL Champions Trophy Semi-Final.

If they, fingers and toes crossed, negate the challenge posed by Bann on the Saturday they would face either Lisnagarvey or Monkstown in the final on the Sunday!

Good luck to the whole team and management on another big weekend ahead! For all our members who will be a part of Rovers Roar in the stand you can find all you need to know here – EYHL Champions Trophy

Entrance prices as per below:
Adult Daily – £15
Weekend ticket – £25
OAP and Over 15s- £10
Under 15s- Free


Congratulations the Men’s 1s on finishing 6th in the Ranking Cup in the EHL over the weekend. They represented themselves, the club, leinster and Ireland with aplomb as they always do! Huge well done th Harry, Elun and the whole squad and management! We look forward to supporting you at Banbridge this weekend!

TRRHC’s Balcony & Ali’s big achievement

Our Balcony

At a Special General Meeting on 11th April the members of the club overwhelming voted in favour of releasing the necessary funds and entrusting the Council to rebuild the Balcony.

President, Kara Browning addressed the members via the zoom meeting saying that “It has been very clear that our club is missing our focal point! For sure members are missing gathering to watch games on the balcony and the footfall for both the bar and catering has suffered immensely.”

She was delighted that the members fully supported the proposal to rebuild using galvanized steel “Much and all as we have loved our wooden balcony, it is no longer safe, and replacing it with wood is not a viable option.

Whilst more costly, a galvanized steel balcony will ensure that members can enjoy the balcony for at least the next 50 years! It will also comply with current building regulations, a must for the club”

Kara thanked the members for attending and voting, adding that in anticipation of the project, she has already had a number of members wishing to make donations to the building fund. “We know this project is dear to our member’s hearts, so in order to make it a project for all, we have set up a link so members can donate up to €500. If anyone wants to contact me directly about a more substantial donation, I would ask them to email me at”

She closed the meeting adding that the Council would now meet and decide on which of the 3 shortlisted tenders is the preferred bid and she assured the members that work should be complete in time for the new season, assuming no hiccups!

A great step forward for Our Balcony!

Euro Hockey League

Good luck to the Men’s 1s as they tackle HC Rotterdam on Friday in the Euro Hockey League Ranking Cup in Club Egara! the match tips off at 13:15 (GMT) and you can watch the mtch stream on eurohcokeyTV!

Ali Representing!

Congratulations to Alison Keogh, who was appointed to the International Hockey Federation (FIH) 2022 Junior World Cup Final, between the Netherlands and Germany, that took place today!

Everyone at Grange Road are immensely proud of our #thirdteam Rover representing on one of the biggest stages possible!

We look forward to hearing about her recent umpire journey, across 3 countries, 2 continents and multiple games, up a Grange Road soon!